Founded in the fall of 2017 and based in Burbank, California, Coffee Cube seeks to empower you with uplifting affirmations, giving back and a convenient way to get your coffee.

When you purchase fresh brewed coffee or fresh pastries we want it to be more than a meal, we want it to be a transformation. Our priority is taste, customer service, service to humanity and consistency.

Coffee Cube is a completely Self-Sustained Mobile Cube, it will first be mounted into a custom trailer and service various locations throughout the town. It will then franchise and have several permanent locations, although permanent it is not your typical brick and mortar store. It will continue to be the signature 100% completely independent and mobile. That means it will have recyclable water, batteries, energy panels and completely green.

Interested in running your own Coffee Cube? Get in touch with us for more information!

Coffee Cube

Our Mission

Coffee Cube is headquartered out of Burbank, California. We strive to deliver convenience to all corporations and businesses bringing delicious coffee and delicacies, through our deliveries, catering, and Mobile Coffee Bar.

We are a sustainable Coffee Bar popping up in your neighborhood to provide quality coffee and a taste of transformation

  • Quality


    We take pride in serving coffee that is not only delicious but responsibly sourced.
  • Innovative


    Each Cube is a state of the art self sustained module. With energy panels and recyclable water, we're green too!
  • Community


    We want to be a positive source in our own communities through partnerships and donations to local organizations
  • Mobile


    We love bringing coffee to new people, so make sure to follow us on social media to see where we'll be next!


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